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Business Consultancy And Investment

Business Consultancy And Investment

MICI consultancy firm is here to help you with your non-regulated investment needs.

For those that need Immigration visas, we will help by providing business consultancy and investment advice to ensure the business you intend to set up and the organizational structure, will not only generate you profit but will also meet with the requirements of the Immigration visas that you require.

For example- if you need and E2 visa, we will provide you with consultancy and assist in planning your investments funds so that your business is not seen as a marginal enterprise. While for the L1-A visa, we will help you structure your business in such a way that you can show that your company will support a managerial or executive position within 12 months.

For EB5 Investments, we will be a one stop shop for all your investment needs, we assist with full business consultancy and guidance for your direct investments, or assist you with your due diligence for your regional centre investment.

For those who do not require immigration visas, we simply assist you in making informed decisions for your business and investment. We provide consultancy on how to market your business, generate income, structure your organization etc.

Whether you are an individual or a corporate body, planning your investments ahead is of at most importance. Planning your investments means planning your future financial situation and meeting unforeseen circumstances with ease and confidence.

MICI consultancy firm is here to help strategize your business for you and assist you in emigrating to your preferred country. MICI consultancy firm helps new entrepreneurs create business and business identity before it is made public. Apart from creating the brand and business plan, MICI consultancy firm also contributes to the everyday business activities when the company is young and growing. MICI consultancy firm has relevant expertise in a wide range of industries. We are experts in developing marketing strategies, brand development, brand marketing, writing marketing messages, preparing press releases, and creating and managing start-up budgets.

Our firm’s method mainly involves working with clients in solving key business issues and helping them make better business decisions.

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